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Dr. Charles T. Tart has been involved with research and theory in the fields of Hypnosis, Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Parapsychology, Consciousness and Mindfulness since 1963. He has authored over a dozen books, two of which became widely-used textbooks; he has had more than 250 articles published in professional journals and books, including lead articles in such prestigious scientific journals as Science and Nature, and provides regular public speaking appearances.

TASTE Journal The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences Edited by Dr. Charles T. Tart

As well as a laboratory researcher, Professor Tart has been a student of the Japanese martial art of Aikido (in which he holds a black belt), of meditation and other psychological and spiritual growth disciplines. (See Bio.) Visit his semi-regular journal (blog) for current commentary.

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Online Workshop, August 4 - 26
Mindfulness: Meditation for Practical People
Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.

Dr. Tart will be offering a unique online workshop, starting on August 4th and going through August 26th, Mindfulness: Meditation for Practical People. He describes it as follows on the website:

In 2012 I will be offering for the first time, a unique, web-based course on the Foundations of Mindfulness. Mindfulness in the sense of deeper perception and understanding of how you, your mind, your feelings, perceive, react to and think about your world and your self. Mindfulness in the sense of becoming aware of the many robot-like, automatized ways of perceiving and reacting we have which might have been useful once upon a time, but which now distort our perceptions, understandings, and reactions. Mindfulness in the sense of formal, classic meditation practices common to the world's spiritual traditions, like concentrative meditation and insight meditation, and, even more importantly, increasing mindfulness in your everyday life activities, where you need it the most! I think hardly anyone has ever hurt themselves or others very much with their thoughts and perceptions while sitting on a special cushion and calling it "meditation," but how many times have we mindlessly said or done something in ordinary life that led to all sorts of unpleasant consequences, and we end up thinking "If only I'd realized what I was saying and doing at the time and kept quiet, or said something else!"

It's much more difficult to speak clearly from the heart, but my heart is behind these words, and my basic aim is that we all live happier lives through becoming wiser and kinder. I also teach from a conviction that increasing our self-knowledge is a vital path in those directions of happier, more effective, and spiritually growthful lives. I hope my words and presence can convey some of that wish to you. We'll talk about heart, as well as intellectual, knowledge often in this course.

Who am I teaching this course for?

  • if you are curious about understanding your own mind better and using it better, and/or
  • if you are thinking of starting some spiritual practice like meditation or mindful living, or already are such a practitioner, and/or
  • if you are suspecting that some of your suffering in life comes from the way your mind operates, but it doesn't have to operate that way....and/or
  • if you are looking for more meaning to life than contemporary, materialistic culture presents you.
We are fortunate to live in a time when all of the world's deeper spiritual paths, systems and disciplines of practice that claim to lead us to our deeper spiritual nature, are much more available than ever before.

In the three weeks of the Workshop, you will be introduced to:
  • Concentrative meditation, the "pumping mental iron" that increases your ability to focus and hold your attention,
  • Insight meditation, where you start using that increased ability to focus, observe, and explore how your mind actually works, and
  • Gurdjieffian self-remembering, where you bring increased mindfulness to your everyday life activities.
We hope that you will join us on this journey of exploration!

-- Dr. Charles T. Tart

Full information at
Questions? Please write to GlideWing at

240 pages, Hardbound
9.1 x 6.1 x 1.4 inches
ISBN 978-1572246454

The End of Materialism
How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together
By Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.

Charles T. Tart is internationally known for his more than 50 years of research on the nature of consciousness, altered states of consciousness (ASCs) and parapsychology, and is one of the founders of the field of Transpersonal (spiritual) Psychology. His and other scientistsí work convinced him that there is a real and vitally important sense in which we are spiritual beings, but the too dominant, scientistic, materialist philosophy of our times, masquerading as genuine science, dogmatically denies any possible reality to the spiritual. [...] Professor Tart writes: I am proud to finally announce the 2009 publication of what may be my most important book. Three+ years to write, fifty+ years to prepare to write. Read More . . .

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